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The information in the family property

   Welcome the travel industry to offer national travel information to Korea.

   Korea will travel commercially in August of 2003 ( international travel agency international department manager Jin HongCheng of century of Liaoning offers)

The impressions of visit to Korea

This column is advertised for the draft sincerely and experienced personally and written, recommend and translate the draft , there are relevant better pictures. The contribution please indicate authors and issue date at first. Hope that through joint efforts of everybody, the valuable firsthand material that will distribute Yi will be gathered and be put in order out, For studying. Please send the contribution: i@dprk.gq.

It select from these pictures " last information atlas"( preceded electronic publishing publish Co., Ltd.s at Beijing silvers, ISBN 7-900086-84-6/Z.04)

The title The time of visitting Korea Visit to Korea route
Walk close to Korea From July 9, 2002 to the 12th Dandong --Sinuiju --Pyongyang --Kaesong

In four days in Korea

From May 28, 2000 to the 31st Dandong --Sinuiju --Pyongyang --Kaesong

My what is seen and heard in North Korea

June of 1999 Huichun --Luo Tianjin's vanguard
The travel notes of Pyongyang July of 1998 Beijing --Pyongyang

Korea of the mask back

Chongjin: From April 27, 1986 to the 30th, from May 18 to the 23rd
Nampo: From June 2 to the 15th
Sea route

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