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Visit Stamp Shop in DPRK

Zhang Huaying (94/08)

   China is towards the note of the network : Selected works this collect stamps the 8th issue of 1994 of " Hebei collects stamps " that the association hosts Hebei.

   At the beginning of June, I visit Korea with the delegation of the Communist Youth League of China. As a stamp lover, goes to stroll in the stamp market, it is a wish that must be settled . Holding office at court for a few days, activity schedule is very tense , ask about the stamp market again and again without learning . In fact the Korean stamp collecting products are not similar to our stamp market either all by the national unified price, sale. Fortunately there is one that collect stamps in the retail department near the high beautiful hotel where we stay, it seems and post fan can first solve the regret in mind. This helpless retail department opens at nine o'clock in the morning, close hurriedly at five o'clock in the afternoon, we at one's wit's end, can only feed on fancies with stamp poster to watch show window.

   One day, we drive go Ban Mendian, open the city gate hotel respite. There are memorial stamps at the buffet, may support credit of sending , therefore does not form a complete set . But these stamps can be bought with RMB, we can't help being overjoyed. Because RMB unable with exchange directly towards coin, they sell stamp price of us it pays to be their face value quadruple of price mostly with RMB.

   Leave the previous day in Korea, Korea friend meet our wishes, arrange for other activities at noon. Having had lunch, we go straight in that retail department urgently . The floor space in the retail department is not big, on forty or fifty square meters too, but the mail is very abundant . Put in the counter, hang in the picture frame on the wall, what the tea table glass is pressed is all stamps, let us see the presbyopia unexpectedly. See which kind is good , wants. The stamp here can only be bought with the convertible note for foreigner, can add 2.16 towards coin convertible note in one dollar of Korea, in this case, we are really embarrasingly short of money, have to seek in posting the sea , choose precisely so thin as to choosly. A set of small each commemorating the 100th anniversary of Mao Zedong has attracted sight of all of us. It is the unused stamp, the price is high, but we make a decision to buy one set each person . The ticket amount to seven, print on one, whole piece print China and North Korea national flag respectively while being about. There are founding ceremony, Mao Zedong that meet Kim Il Sung, Mao Zedong and son Mao An'ying, Mao Zedong and stay with children of new China etc. in seven stamps, have reflected Chairman Mao's life from each side. Especially Mao Zedong and Mao An'ying cordial photo that talk only one two together photo that I see so far, this photo has been issued at home. This stretch give inspiration of people makes people so fond that will not let from personage expression, composition, light, picture out of one's hand, through the picture, can find out revolutionary's feeling to ardent expectation and happy and harmonious father and son of the Young Generation of older generation . Embody the feeling of Korean people's love of Chairman Mao, great leader of Chinese people, between heart. With last year for stamp of commemorating the 100th anniversary of Chairman Mao when China issue than,think the Korea the getting more catchy in ticket I.

   In the forest forest always total stamp, stamps, such as animal, plant, traditional Chinese Painting, folk custom,etc. are all favored by everybody. There is a set of peacocks ticket , one of them is a white peacock, the long fan-shaped tail is dragged on the meadow of mattress of greensward, the slender and graceful figure appears limitless tenderness, really as an incomparably graceful white clothing fairy maiden makes people worth seeing a hundred times. In these stamps too beautiful to be absorbed all at once, the panda that clever monkey, silly appearance can be brought up, light painting that wipe of butterfly, flowers in different poses and with different expressions, heavy color dancing lightly ……Do not really see to the limit, can not finish choosing. Stamps sold here are mostly cancellation tickets , the price is lower. Stamp that I buy have from will it be the end the seventies to issue last year, but price influence by anything morning and evening in issuing date. Korea a lot of ticket print and on first little edition, in addition, design the exquisite lace, seem very beautiful. I do not find out about the status in the world of Korean stamp very much, but seen from selected title, designedding, prints the respect of the stamp, mostly can claim doing superior, make people like, stamp that issue higher than raising compared with the past two years such as our country. Korea does not seem as hot as our country to collect stamps, desolate before collecting stamps in the retail department, if stamp that issue before more than ten years such as our country take and come out and sell, sure to sell out. Because the Korean stamp has not gone to the world yet, or the people's economic condition enables being right, it is unable to find out. In a word, us several bought the stamp in the retail department that day. The stewardess has very good attitude, though we want this to return that for a moment for a moment, two young ladies have satisfied the " God " tirelessly.

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