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Stamps about Tok Islet Issued

No.6 2004 Korea Pictorial

    The DPRK Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has recently issued the stamp “Tok Islet, an Islet of Korea” in small-sized and sheaf-sheets of one kind respectively.

    Tok Islet is situated in the eastern extremity of Korea.

    Tok Islet came into being as a volcanic action and consists of the east and west islets and the other rocky islets.

    The name Tok Islet was derived from the fact that residents in the Ullung Island had called it a “solitary islet in the East Sea of Korea” from olden times.

    On the left-hand side of the west and east islets of Tok Islet in the small-sized-sheet stamp (116 Korean won) is the whole map of Korea in the early 18th century and on their right-hand side is a lighthouse on Tok Islet.

    The sheaf-sheet stamp carries the whole map of the eight provinces of Korea in the early 18th century, the west and east islets of Tok Islet, the map of Tok Islet and the drawings of Tok Islet’s plants.

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