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Correspondence on DPRK Stamp between Yiye and Pupudongdong

Yi Ye Pupudongdong (01/02)

Yi Ye:

I see you words written at departure in" you fine morning sun distinct countrieses". The Korean stamp is divided into and sends the letter stamp and stamp collecting stamp, the latter wants to buy the foreign currency in Korea, I remember that the 10th issue had page articles to introduce the Korean stamp collecting situation specially in 1996 in" stamp-album". To Korea, the purpose to issue stamp collecting stamp is the international communication, create and draw the foreign currency. Difficult with keeping in touch by ordinary Koreans foreigner, so Korea sell it is difficult for ticket not to collect by letter. The Korean publication has exchanged the association and sends several letters to me, some have stuck on a stamp, All one year, even 20 years issue, the subject matter is politics, livestock , There is not international subject matter.



Pupudongdong: How do you do, have seen email that you sent and your homepage, discover that you feel a great interest in Korea. There are really not many persons such as you and me. I have read that article in January of 1996 of stamp collecting too, write quite detailedly. It is really difficult to collect the Korean stamp. I look for and find fifty or sixty letters sell ticket too for a long time by stamp market in Shanghai. And peoples have prejudice to Korea the country more, sell Korea stamp to there are few persons too while buying, Probably only I am collecting the cloud continent stamp market of Shanghai alone.

You mention that" the Korean publication has exchanged the association and send several letters to me, some have stuck on a stamp, All one year, even one year issue " this prove the stamps of Korea the seventies still accumulated in a large amount, I have still seen the postmarks of 90 years of cancellation in the stamp in 70. If you are willing, we can exchange stamps and used cover . Do not know which stamps you need .

Yi Ye:

I like to exchange the stamp, used cover with you. It is only it is the getting busier too,quickly can't elaboration Cang Pin. My used covers are mostly postpaid. Stamped only two is sealed. I need subject matter correlating with China, the such as resisting against Japan, ancient national hero of Korea, Chinese character, cultural relics and historic sites. I collect the Vietnamese stamp too.



Hello! You willing and I exchange stamp too good, I have one a copy of stamp catalogue( English edition) and world of China catalogue who Korea produce 1993s( Asia one), It has no question to exchange stamps. But I do not know what type of Korean stamp you want, because Korean tickets are mostly all cancellation tickets on the market , Only minority unused stamp, and unused stamp have stamp collecting send credit two kinds of tickets and at ticket. Picture on it is from the webpages of you been in if you, think cancellation spend tickets at I( it is certainly, It look always unused stamps comfortable). What I give you get you want resist against Japan,, Chinese character, cultural relics and historic sites,etc. correlate with China the stamps of subject matter ancient national heroes Korea.
Unless if it take unused stamp you, whose name is then grow up at limitation,whose name is from stamp, map of Korea that issue until 1991 ( on Chinese character) see by unused stamp at I. I have seen the album of stamps, have found some: In that each produce 1983 unused stamp" at friendship"( picture in being at young girl of country hand in hand, national flags) " the 11th Asian Games( panda's Panpan)" of unused stamp published in 1990, It is in it is that one 1961 years produce cancellation tickets " it is in friendship"( in in national flag),One a piece of cancellation ticket" against USA reporter meetings" that produce 1969s( picture jab Nixon for pen), Anti-Japanese War one year that produce 1985 have each write Chinese among them" long live general Kim Il Sung" A other one have year about reflection period the series of tickets of wars that produces some 1964. My oicq number is 10610185

Yi Ye:

Let you take a lot of trouble! I have one a copy of stamp catalogue( English edition) and world of China catalogue who Korea produce 1998s( Asia one). If I am for the picture on the webpage, the Web site that I will get to the Korean stamp company fetches. I am devoted to compiling Chinese things stamps rarely known by the people that every country in the world issued, Hope to edit a book to propagate far and wide.
I am scarce before 1980. There are a lot of kinds of unused stamps in the grand China's stamp society of Shenyang, I have already bought China's relevant subject matter, But there is not some variety. I need one year about reflection period the series of tickets of wars that produces, I have some of. Whether could introduce in detail according to the stamp catalogue , benefit the choice. Please look out for the ancients' stamp, there is resistance the scholars of hero that China invadeses and literature of Chinese with very deep attainments among them. If you have the things of China stamps of other countries( at Korea S., Vietnam), Perhaps I need too. Besides exchanging, I can buy too.

Pupudongdong: How do you do, watch the emails of you find we have common grounds, for example at Shenyang grand China buy much Korea stamps I even (Have Kim Il Sung to visit 7 a piece of the 2 little eaches of socialist states 1984 among them, Present seem buy). But this stamp society is Su You mainly, there are the Korean stamps only. 1964 years when you need ---Reflected series of tickets of the war for each periods in 1967, amounts to 25, I have the majority( lack 4). I give the serial numbers of some 21 stamps of mine to you( according to the Korean catalogue, the majority is an unused stamp among them):

But there is not 544,551,560,686. You need to resist the hero that China invade's stamp," solicitting sisters two times" which Vietnam produced of 1959 years, Issue 1979" win enemy in being mere", at 1988" the Nansha Islands" who Vietnam produce these, I meet each other" winning enemies in being smooth", But has not bought . I have one 1954" Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh and horse department of woods No. 3" who Vietnam produce, Have " the Communist Party of China establish one year"" China found a state one year"" hydrogen bomb explode"" the Communist Party of China 50 years" Vietnam's stamp.

Other Is write clearly too and ask , how much does it cost Korea catalogue 1998 in you at last, It was bought that where. I had a set of" Hua Guofeng and Kim Il Sung" in 1978, the catalogue did not step on in 1993, did not know that the catalogue had not stepped on in 1998 . Have me have 2 a piece of original edition hero kim ki oks( Korea catalogue number 19), 2 a piece of order of soldier's honours( Korea catalogue number 24), What does not know and marks a price?

Yi Ye:
I need 483,517,518,519,541,543( new ticket),545( new ticket),653,654( new ticket),655,685,687,746( new ticket),747,748, the " south sand islands" that 1988 Vietnam out.
I have 1959 Vietnam to out of" two advertise for the sister"," Quang Trung's Victory over the Qing " published in 1979.That dynasty is fresh to also there is heroic postage stamp to resist China to invade.
The Shenyang Longhua buys 58 dollars towards the fresh catalogue in 1998, now 70 dollars.I originally possessed 93 version, have sent the person.98 versions are besides many several yearses postage stamp(98 years only contain half a year), in the aspects of paper, writing elucidation all not equal to 93 version.
The 1998 in " Hua Guofeng and Kim Il Sung" catalogue of the 1978 has no,1984 day in annuity visit 7 socialisms national 2 small versions the piece also can't ascend, is a political factor.
I still need 450 - 454,358 - 364,132,178 - 180,170,194,211 - 215,226 - 227,446 - 448,571 - 572,597 - 602,698 - 700, Vietnam 《 Kieu 》 .
The dynasty is fresh to resist heroic postage stamp that China invade is 132,134,135.

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