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Name: Peter Huggan Country: Canada Date: Dec 26 2005


Your web site about the DPRK is very good! I want to visit there someday. You are so lucky to have visited there! Thank you for showing some stamps from the DPRK. Those are very rare and valuable!

Name: Benjamin Dallas Country: USA Date: May 1 2005


Greetings Comrade!

I deeply love the DPR of Korea. I am absolutely disgusted that the USA president Bush put them on this "axis of evil" I am very upset about the tainted picture he sends to the world about the DPRK, which is a great country.The way he speaks of them makes them sound terrible, which is a vicious lie. Your website is very great and accurate picture of the true DPRK.

Long Live Kim Jong Il !!!

Most Militant Greetings,

Benjamin J. Dallas

Name: Patsy A. Newton Country: USA Date: Aug 5 2003


Greetings from the United States:

I have just seen your fascinating site, 中韩网. Like you, I also love the DPKR and was fascinated by your site (I can read Chinese but it's hard for me to write letters in Chinese; my apologies for writing in English - if you wish to respond in Chinese that is okay). I am very concerned about George W. Bush and his terrorist government, and I look forward to reading your site in more detail when I have time.

In solidarity

Ms Patsy A. Newton

Name: John Paul Cupp Country: USA Date: May 3 2003


It is awesome that you have created this wonderful site!!! The Juche Comrades have truely suffered and achieved dispite all obsticals in their path and the millions who perished at the hands of my fascist minded government. In a Bold and Militant Sprit comrades from the Imperialist Countries should build solidarity with the DPRK Worker's State!!! Please add me to any updates or feel free to contact me for any reason!!!

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