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Help Information

The old forum was deleted and the Sohu management awareness of the value of the retained in the post Delete In. For saving time, the outdated/useless messages will be deleted from BBS. Still worthy messages in them will be moved to Archive.

SinoKorea have Chinese version of traditional and simplified alternative. Simplified Chinese version: dprk.gq The traditional version of the site: www.dprk.gq . In order to make traditional Chinese character conversion program based, supplemented by manual adjustment, in the premise of respecting the original, according to Taiwan Chinese habits. Quoted in simplified text shall prevail. The same content of "traditional and simplified", and the relative path of the same file name. Example: The Memoirs of Kim Il-Sung "with the century" directory, simplified: dprk.gq/history/kim.il.sung/works/reminiscences/content.htm And traditional: www.dprk.gq/history/kim.il.sung/works/reminiscences/content.htm .

SinoKorea mirror Show SinoKorea update in the first time, do not regularly open.

SinoKorea News Server Provide news service, do not regularly open.

SinoKorea FTP Provide a variety of file downloads, not regularly open. Welcome to upload all kinds of documents.

Before you to ask questions at the SinoKorea, please find the answers on the website (can be used on the web site search). Because the job is busy, and the network service personnel will not answer repeated questions, if you put the question on the website has been answered, he will prompt you to view a web page, or directly given.

SinoKorea provide the following services, please contact the station:

1, Korean publications (books and magazines, audio-visual products, a Chinese Edition) and the world various Korean national publications, mail order booking service, see SinoKorea Bookshop and SinoKorea AV Shop .

2, the Korean national data (text, pictures, movies, television, music and songs) retrieval, DVD service, see SinoKorea Library .

3, North Korea, South Korea and the world various Korean stamps, envelope, postage stamp catalogue sales, see SinoKorea Stamp Shop .

4, North Korea, South Korea information consulting services, fees are determined by the degree of difficulty, generally 300 yuan / times. Shall pay half of the deposit.

Customer case: CCTV China Radio International Taiwan Central Broadcasting System (CBS) American Radio Free Asia "Human geography" Journal of China "Urban culture" China.com The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Xingan Meng Ulanhot Gengma Lincang county area of Yunnan Province Foreign Affairs Office of Korean Middle School

Beijing ZhongYiDa business limited company of group of the Ministry of foreign trade

5, translation: English to Chinese, Japanese translation, Korean translation, 60 yuan / day. Chinese to English, translation, translation of Han, 80 yuan / day.

6, pages, 5 yuan / page. Website maintenance, 20 yuan / month. A full set of construction sites, 500 yuan / year. Buy space, domain name registration, website promotion surcharge, the station can be free of charge. Preferential conditions: the site recommended sections of stable free space (space not only unlimited size, can also use independent domain name), customers can save large amount of annual fixed expenses.

7, the network advertisement, see Advertising service .

8, permanent free three domain (towards the network responsible for the IP point, the user is responsible for binding domain), format: yourname.dprk.gq yourname.corea.gq

9, permanent free mailbox (no advertising), format: yourname@dprk.gq

If you are interested in network and cooperation, please generous with your criticism.

Cooperative partner: The Korean Association for the exchange of publications Gaolihang (Liaoning Kang Hui international travel agency of Korea Tourism)

I welcome various forms of sponsorship, the sponsor will be named and given thanks, VIP (VIP) user rights.

Sponsor: Kim Moo Sung Liu Chenchen Yun Seonglo Wang Zhihong Lu Wei Fan Xiaoqi Cai Cui

I according to the feedback of continuous improvement, we welcome more advice.

Contact, remittance:

Skype: corea_fan ICQ: 150906864 QQ: 253951924 Email: i@dprk.gq

Tel: +86(27)83925145 (7 x 24 hours) Fax: +852-30105441(24 hours)

Post address: Zhang Ya, 31-1-301, 10 Xiaoqu, Changqinghuayuan, Wuhan, Hubei, China zip code: 430023

The postal savings account passbook account: 605210320200833589 Bureau of Wuhan City Aviation Road Post Office Name: Zhang Qingshan

Bank account:

Oriental Shanghai Pudong Development Bank card 6225212100327771 Name: Zhang Ya

China Merchants Bank card 9555500270569196 Name: Zhang Ya

Construction bank account number 287177998012000424 China Bank: China Construction Bank Wuhan branch of the evergreen garden name: Zhang Ya

Agricultural Bank China account number 017101100085676 Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Wuhan City Qiaokou branch Wangjiadun Branch Name: Zhang Ya

Through the postal savings bank or remittance, please inform the audit after remittance towards network.

Tip: bank transfer than convenient postal remittance. If the post office remittance, recommend the use of postal savings and postal remittance, remittance, remittance postal savings no payee receipt remittance notice, to the post office to receive cash counter procedures, fee for the remittance amount of 5 per thousand (postal remittance 1%).

PayPal account: yiye0@hotmail.com

If you want to use the Alipay taobao.com payment, notify the station can handle.

Welcome to link this station, the station icon:


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