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The Mansudae Art Troupe


1 Song of General Kim Il Sung
2 The Star of Korea
3 Song of Comradeship
4 On the Road to Fight After the General
5 The General Decides the Fate of Korea
6 Parting Heart
7 A Soldier's Wish
8 Marshal Kim Il Sung, Our Father
9 Song of Best Wishes to the Leader
10 Long Live Marshal Kim Il Sung
11 Long Life and Good Health to the Leader
1 Song of Dear Comrade Kim Jong Il
2 The Old Home in the Paekdu Secret Camp
3 Greeting on the February Holiday
4 The Bosom of the Homeland
5 Sunrise on the Taedong River
6 Azaleas
7 Song of Blessing
8 My Mother
9 Korea, I Will Exalt You
10 Song of Heartfelt Wishes
11 Glory to You, Dear Leader
12 Long Live Dear Leader
13 Long Life and Good Health to You, Dear Leader
1 Song of Loyalty
2 The Flower Basket of Best Wishes
3 Snowflakes Falling from the Night Sky
4 The Star in My Heart
5 All My Country Brims over with Songs
6 Arch of Triumph, Shine Forever
7 When Could I Know All That
8 Love and Loyalty
9 Song of Chollima Riders
10 Our Pyongyang Is Best
11 The Old Home Covered with Snow
12 We Shall Follow You Forever
1 Millions of Miles after the Leader, after the Party
2 The Country Bright with the Sun and Star
3 The Party's Embrace Is Our Home
4 The Torch Flares in the Night Sky of Pyongyang
5 We Pledged to Dedicate All Our Lives
6 O Delight, This Is a People's Holiday
7 For Ever Behind Our Party's Flag
8 Moran Hill
9 The Flower I Love
10 Snowstorm on Mount Paekdu
11 The Song of Rhododendrons
12 A Bright Day under the Grateful Sunlight
13 We Shall Go On along the Road of Loyalty


1Unforgettable Echo over Lake Samil7:10
2The Land Flowers under the Guiding Sunshine2:56
3Where My Life Bloomed Out5:16
4O the Night of the Chongchun Street4:50
6Taedong River, Flow Forever6:14
7A Soldier's Road6:58
8Flowering Pyongyang We Live in3:29
9My Country Is So Nice2:40
10Young Hearts Engraved in the Tideland6:25
11The Bosom That Bred Me6:32
12Korea Is One3:44



1The Old Home Covered with Snow6:00
2I Want to Go to the Old Home4:34
3My Hometown in Spring3:49
4The Azaleas at the Old Home3:54
5The Old Home in the Paekdu Secret Camp5:48
6Snow Falls on the Old Home in the Paekdu Secret Camp5:52
7Rhododendron at the Old Home2:48
8Night on the Sobaek Stream5:02
9The House Shedding Light as Time Flows4:33

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