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My Open Letter To Comrade Kim Jong Il

Wed Mar 14, 2001

I hope you have courage to recognize your and your father's mistakes.

I'm a Chinese college student, male, aged 21. My profession is Chinese education.I'm a DPRK fan(Radio Pyongyang said). I have relation with The Korea Publications Exchange Association.

I love DPRK. But I don't tell lie. When DPRK makes mistakes,I don't keep silence. I have read many your and your father's works, I understand your ideal because I incline to Marxism. I'm very moved by the stories in Kim Il Sung Memoirist With the Century. But I have to say your idealism let DPRK suffered hard pain.

Now, I'm very happy to hear your New Thinking. I believe your change is fit for construct a power and reunited Korea. I'm sure your change complies with your father's spirit, he is always hoping that his people become rich and remain pure heart. But he hadn't realized this. I respect your father because he is a patriot, but he was a tragedy character too.

I hope you exceed your father.

If you are interested in my website"I Love You! DPRK(Chinese)"(dprk2001.home.chinaren.com), I'll be very happy.

I'm eager to hear from you.

Zhang Ya

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